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Summer » NEW: MTB-Trail
NEW: MTB Single Trail at lake Weissensee
MTB-Trail Weissensee © Hotel RegitnigThis summer a special bike adventure awaits you in the heart of the Gailtal valley Alps:

• root trails
• Switchbacks
• steep turns
• wooden bridges
• and much more

The MTB single track lake Weissensee features about a 3,3 km downhill trail (covering 370 metres of difference in altitude) and a stunning mountain panorama. Challenging and easy trails are the perfect mix for beginners and experienced riders. The ascent to the start is possible by bike taking route 5 or by Weissensee cable car – bike transportation according to tariff list!

After the breath-taking downhill ride you can clean wash your bike in one of the appropriate bike washes.

 Fares summer 2016, Bike transport included:
   Ascent ride
 Descent ride
 Dayticket  Seasonal ticket
 Adults EUR 13,00 EUR 13,00 EUR 30,00 EUR 125,00
 Youth / Seniors
EUR 11,50 EUR 11,50 EUR 30,00 EUR  95,00
 Children EUR  9,00 EUR  9,00 EUR 15,50 EUR  60,00
 Only Mountainbike
EUR 6,00 EUR 6,00    

  Route description:
Route description